Supercharge customer growth and sell off unwanted inventory

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The Loss Leader app makes customer acquisition tactics used by leading direct-to-consumer brands accessible to established Shopify merchants of all sizes. Our seamless Shopify integration allows you to acquire new customers from our user base while clearing out old catalog items and overstock inventory. Acquire customers from a new channel with millions of users, without spending ad dollars. Only pay commissions when your product is sold.

Why Loss Leader?


Reach New Customers

Grow your US customer base without increasing your online ad spend. Protect your brand while driving new traffic to your store.


New Growth Channel

Employ tactics used by leading direct-to-consumer brands. Get rid of discounted product in a separate liquidation sales channel.


Get Paid Fast

Keep your own Shopify checkout flow and capture transaction details all in one place.

How does shopping on our liquidation marketplace work?

Tophatter is a customer acquisition platform that uses well-known overstock tactics to liquidate inventory. Product categories include electronics, apparel & accessories, home & garden, health & beauty, jewelry, and more. Add your products to our constantly growing inventory.

Customers who win products on Tophatter are directed to your checkout flow, and all sales are subject to your store's policies. Since all customers checkout through your store, you capture all of their information for remarketing and email engagement.

How does selling with

Loss Leader work?

  • 1 Sync your product catalog by easily selecting products & quantities to liquidate through Tophatter.
  • 2 Buyers are sent directly to your store for checkout.
  • 3 Track & manage your products, orders, earnings, and new customers.

Start moving your excess inventory fast while bringing new shoppers to your Shopify store. Install the Loss Leader app today!

REVIEWSFrom our happy sellers

“We did a comparison with our Google Shopping ads which work really well for us. Even with a decent number of order cancellations your service is performing 50% better for approximately the same cost.”

Dollar Fanatic LLC

“Great Marketplace. Easy to use. So many benefits. Ease of use. Seconds to launch new products. Amazing the amount of sales that can be generated. Highly recommend.”

Cheer Collection

Frequently Asked Questions

Loss Leader is free to install. You need to approve an initial $100 budget, but you will only be charged based on usage.

Smaller sellers with established Shopify stores can take advantage of the Loss Leader app too!

See our complete eligibility requirements below.

Loss Leader is available for established Shopify stores in the US. Loss Leader requires shipping from a US-based warehouse with delivery within a maximum of 14 days, prices in $USD.

Stores must use Shopify checkout, include shipping times and a valid contact page, and all products and stores must meet our requirements.

There is no maximum, and no minimum liquidation requirement!

Check out our complete FAQs or contact us through our form. You can also email us directly at:

Our team is here to help you succeed. Each store will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will offer best practices and tips for maximizing your sell rate, and elevate your product suggestions & feedback directly to our developers.

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